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New York City Affordable Housing Development Attorney

Affordable Housing Development

Affordable housing can benefit your community members in many ways. The overall well-being of a neighborhood will flourish. For-profit and not-for-profit affordable housing developers throughout New York City, Long Island and Up-State turn to our firm for comprehensive legal guidance as affordable housing is planned, financed and constructed.

Whether you are a nonprofit or for-profit affordable housing developer, Barry Mallin & Associates, P.C. looks forward to speaking with you. Call us at 212-966-5085 to schedule your consultation. Or, contact us online to have someone from our firm be in touch with you.

As a leading New York City law firm dedicated to building and empowering communities, we offer an array of services to affordable housing developers. Our firm handles virtually all issues related to land acquisition, housing development, design and construction. Additionally, we offer services in financing, leasing, sale of residential and commercial properties, board formation and governance of cooperatives and condominiums.

We handle a diverse range of housing projects that serve people such as:

  • Low to moderate-income families
  • Homeless families and individuals
  • The elderly
  • Special needs individuals
  • Offering Creative Financing Techniques

Our founding lawyer, Barry Mallin, is a known innovator in developing creative financing techniques for affordable housing projects. We use diverse financing sources through various federal, New York City and state affordable housing programs such as the following:

  • Tax-exempt bonds
  • Conventional bank loans
  • Community Development Block Grants
  • HOME Program financing
  • HUD Section 202 programs
  • Low-income housing tax credit syndications
  • Credit-enhanced transactions
  • Joint venture agreements

Our firm also handles all matters involving condominium and cooperative development
and offering plans

Barry Mallin & Associates, P.C. is highly experienced in this specialized area of affordable housing. We can offer you more than 30 years of experience regarding your liabilities, responsibilities and financing. Contact our firm today and schedule your consultation.

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