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New York City HDFC Cooperative Lawyer

Housing Development Fund Corporations / Limited Equity Cooperatives

Barry Mallin, our principal attorney, participated in the development of Housing Development Fund Corporations (HDFCs) in the early 1980s. Created by the City of New York, HDFCs provided tenants in abandoned buildings the opportunity to own and operate their own apartment buildings. There are now more than 1,000 HDFCs throughout New York City. Our firm provides comprehensive legal counsel to these tenant-sponsored cooperatives.

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Providing Ongoing Legal Counsel to Your Tenant-Operated Building
Attorney Barry Mallin has been representing shareholder-owners of HDFC limited equity cooperatives for more than 30 years. His in-depth knowledge of the law, the needs of shareholder-owners and his desire to see New York's communities thrive can be of great value to your Housing Development Fund Corporation co-op. Our firm represents more HDFC buildings than any other law firm in New York and provides ongoing legal counsel in virtually all aspects involving HDFCs, including the following:

  • Document preparation, negotiation and amending of by-laws, proprietary leases, governing documents and leases
  • Nuisance complaints
  • Attend shareholder meetings
  • Supervise transfers and sales
  • Illegal use of apartments
  • Violations of proprietary leases
  • Failure to pay maintenance fees
  • Nonpayment of rent
  • Election disputes
  • Supervise and conduct annual elections

As tenants take charge of their own buildings through Housing Development Fund
Corporations, they have the opportunity to thrive and add to the community's wellbeing.
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