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New York Offering Plans

New York City Condo and Co-op Offering Plans

A condominium and cooperative development offering plan is a highly detailed
document that can range from 200 pages to well over 500 pages. In this detailed
document, many important legal and financial issues will be addressed. Among these
include full disclosure of any property defects and the relationships among the unit
owners, board and the sponsor. Barry Mallin & Associates, P.C. offers experienced representation in
the area of co-op and condominium offering plans and handles all review procedures
before the New York State Office of the Attorney General.

Mallin & and Cha, P.C. offers knowledgeable legal assistance regarding real
estate issues such as condo and co-op offering plans to clients throughout New
York City, Long Island and Up-State. Call us at 212-966-5085 to schedule
your consultation. You may also contact us online to have someone from our
firm be in touch with you.

Every offering is required under New York state law to undergo a review procedure
approved by the Attorney General's office. Our lawyers have extensive experience in
this often complex area of law. They can guide you through the complexities to ensure
you obtain regulatory approval for a condominium or cooperative.

A sponsor is obligated under the Martin Act to comply with various terms, including full
disclosure of any material fact. Our firm reviews, drafts and amends offering plans to
ensure the following is provided:

  • Building description
  • Financing
  • Rights and obligations of each involved party
  • Certifications and documents
  • Purchase procedure
  • Operating agreements
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