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Mallin & Cha, P.C. is a leading New York City law firm that has been dedicated to building and empowering communities since 1985. We look forward to speaking with you about your legal needs. Contact our firm to schedule your consultation with our principal lawyer, Barry Mallin, regarding any of the following.

Cooperatives and Condominiums: We provide legal services to limited equity, tenant-sponsored and market-rate cooperatives and condominiums throughout New York City. We represent sponsors and boards of directors in virtually all matters including condo conversion, general corporate issues, sales and transfers of apartments, tenants' rights and real estate litigation.

Housing Development Fund Corporations: Our firm serves as general counsel to New Yorkers who live in tenant-sponsored Housing Development Fund Corporations (HDFCs). Our firm represents more HDFC buildings than any other law firm in New York City.

Mitchell-Lama Housing Cooperatives: We represent shareholders who want to keep their units as affordable housing units rather than convert to market rate housing. If your building may be taken out of the Mitchell-Lama program, there are options to prevent or delay this event.

Community Rights Litigation: Many people move into neighborhoods and remain in these neighborhoods for years because of the quality of life the neighborhood offers. When this quality of life is threatened because of noise, rowdy bars, land use and zoning disputes or other problems, community groups can take legal action and stop the nuisance.

Liquor License Challenges: Our firm can prepare your neighborhood group for a hearing before the local community board or for a public hearing before the State Liquor Authority (SLA) to ensure that laws enacted to protect your community are forcefully asserted.

Bar Noise — Nuisance Bars and Clubs: We handle bar noise and other bar nuisance matters when bars and clubs turn into bad neighbors. We have been successful in galvanizing the support of city and state agencies, the police, the courts and elected officials in closing rowdy bars and clubs.

Affordable Housing Development: We offer highly experienced legal counsel in the niche area of affordable housing development. We represent nonprofit and for-profit affordable housing developers in planning, financing and construction.

Condominium and Cooperative Development and Offering Plans: Our firm can ensure that you comply with New York state laws regarding condo and co-op offering plans. We review, draft and amend plans to obtain acceptance from the Office of the Attorney General.

Pen and SuccessSmall Business and Community Economic Development: A successful small business can provide vitality and an economic boost to a community. Our firm counsels entrepreneurs on entity formation of corporations, partnerships, sole proprietorships, limited liability companies (LLCs), nonprofit organizations and more. We handle various business aspects that include initial operating agreements, financing, bylaws and governing rules, shareholder agreements, contracts and commercial leases.

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