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Bar Noise-Nuisance Bars & Clubs

New York City Bar Noise Dispute Attorney

When handled in an appropriate manner and operated to serve the public interest, a bar or nightclub can help a community thrive. Too often, however, a bar does little more than plague concerned community members with many problems: bar noise, loud music, obnoxious crowds, cabs, public intoxication, traffic congestion, broken beer bottles and other litter.

Barry Mallin & Associates, P.C. offers complete, effective legal help to neighborhood groups who want to put a stop the nuisance bars, bar noise and other complaints.

For help with bar noise and nuisance abatement in your neighborhood, call our firm at 212-966-5085 and arrange a consultation. Or, submit an online contact form to have someone at our firm reach you.

Are the noise and other problems too much for your community to handle?

Our founding lawyer, Barry Mallin, understands the pressing concerns of communities throughout New York City and Long Island. He is a highly experienced attorney who has a nearly 100% success rate in fighting bar noise and raising challenges to liquor licenses. In fact, our firm has been successful in convincing the New York State Liquor Authority to initiate enforcement proceedings when a bar or nightclub has misrepresented the facts in a liquor license application.

With help from Barry Mallin & Associates, P.C., it is possible to challenge clubs — and win the challenge — that already have liquor licenses and are causing noise and other disturbances. We can help your community group galvanize, come together and put pressure on clubs to halt the nuisance or have their licenses revoked.

Contact our firm today and schedule your consultation.

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